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Buyer's Gold Service Plan 

The following action plan is a detailed plan designed to assist you in purchasing a home. Please review these activities and list any other details you might want us to enact on your behalf.

My Pledge to YOU:

    To ASSIST and MANAGE your transaction through to closing.

    To MAINTAIN clear/consistent lines of communication.



First Meeting / Phone Call
Answer any questions you might have
General Information
Furnish any general information on a listing or topic that may be of interest to you
On-Line Seminar
Invite you to view our On-Line Seminar
Pre-Qualify - Step #1
Set a time to get you pre-qualified
Pre-Qualify - Step #2
Meet with you at your pre-qualification meeting
The Marketplace
Help you understand the market place, what's going on, trends and current values (See an example market trend chart)
Potential Listings
Make available information on all listings that fit the perimeters you have laid out
Buyer Concerns
Allow you to make known your needs and wants
Be available to set up and show you homes of your choosing
Review as needed and expand our search
Council your every decision
Write up contract
Make Offer / Negotiate
Negotiate your price and terms to seller
Manage your transaction through to closing


 The above outline of activities and events represent a time tested system I have used successfully over and over down through the years. My experience allows me to express a confidence that our Gold Service Plan will successfully produce for you the buying results you are looking for.

   Additionally, this Gold Service Plan will make the buying process to be Fast, Fair, and Hassle Free!


Sometimes a professional can make all the difference...


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