Current Market Statistics

The statistical information was taken from the Alaska Real Estate MLS data base and reflects the specific city area. This information is updated monthly and represents the most current home marketing information that is so vital to both the buyer and seller.





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As professionals, we want to know how many months of supply our current market has on hand.

Knowing this allows us to communicate to our buying or selling clients the current market conditions and correctly present ideas as to how to best to achieve their buying or selling goals.

A marketing strategy is dictated through our understanding of our market's Absorption Rate . (How many months to sell inventory)

Market Note:

•  Seller's Market = 1-2 months to sell inventory.

•  Neutral Market = 3 months to sell inventory.

•  Buyer's Market = 4+ months to sell inventory.

The statistical page is a chart that shows valuable information on active listings, sold listings, new listings and months of inventory on hand. Immediately following the graph is a monthly break down of all pertinent market information that goes back about 2 years.



Marketing Statistics:

Another step towards getting your game plan together.

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