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The Team Mr Real Estate

30-Day Marketing Activity Plan

z  Take digital photos of property.

z  Call 20-30 neighbors.

z  Put listing in MLS.
z Mail out just listed postcards.
z  Arrange for office Tour/Caravan.
z  Call 10 cooperating Realtors.
z  Create property brochure.
z  Set up open house.
z  Follow up open house guests.
z  Review price with seller 4 weeks into listing.
z  Put open house rider on For Sale sign.
z  Conduct open house for neighbors
z  Create and deliver Home Book to property.
z  Contact my sphere of influence.
z  Place lockbox on property.
z  Put home on Visual Tour.
z  Schedule home Staging Coordinator to evaluate property.
z  Advertise property in newspaper.
z  Review price with seller 4 week into listing.
z  Place property on 5 personal web sites.
z  Discuss the property with fellow Realtors in office.
z  Call all Realtors showing the home for their input.
z  Send fax/email flyer to top 10% of area Realtors.
z  Install brochure box.
z  Check accuracy of MLS information.
z  Create Seller web page
z  Conduct home inspection.
z  Order property information from Title Company


The first 30 days on the market are extremely important days. That’s why we will pay close attention to be sure the above items are addressed and performed.



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