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20-Point Marketing Plan...

Our goals are:

1. To help you get your property sold
2. To help you get where you want to go on time.
3. To protect your interest and money.
4. To reduce the stress of selling your property.
5. To get you top dollar..

The Team "Mr. Real Estate"

20-Point Marketing Plan:

1. Pre-Inspection.

We will have the major systems in your house inspected to reduce your risk of any surprises when negotiating with a buyer and to make your transaction smoother. I will pay for these inspections as part of my service to you.

2. Staging.

We will assist you with preparing your home for sale. I will pay for a Staging Coordinator to survey your home to make sure it has 100% appeal. Click here to see more about this.

3. Pricing.

We will assist you with pricing your home based on a competitive market analysis. This will help you to set the best price on your home so that it will sell within your time frame.

4. Sign.

We will place one of our distinctive, professional looking signs on your property within 24 hours to include a brochure box.

5. Color Brochure/Property Business Cards.

We will create and supply with extra brochures for the brochure box and property business cards you can had out to friends, relatives and the like.

6. Property Pictures.

After staging is complete, we will take extensive digital pictures of your home.

7. Lock Box.

We will place a lock box on your property to increase showings and provide you with the security of knowing who has shown your home

8. Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

We will enter your homes information into the MLS, giving your home exposure to over 1,200 Anchorage Realtors.

9. Internet.

We will enter your home’s information into 5 personal web sites and over 15 additional web sites to include, Yahoo, MSN,, LendingTree, RealtyTimes and

10. Fax/Email to Top Realtors.

We will communicate with the top 150 Realtors in our market.

11. Mail/Email to Neighbors

We will communicate with 50 neighbors closest to your home.

12. Personal Contact.

I will personally contact the 20 neighbors closest to your home to get their ideas on prospects for your home..

13. Home Book – Buyer Information Package.

We will prepare an informational notebook containing most things a buyer will want to know- survey, school information, maps, utilities, zoning/association by-laws, property inspection report and etc.

14. Open House (with your permission)

I will hold an open house the first 4 weekends of our listing. Three days before the open house, I will place a sign in front of your home promoting the open house.

15. Listing Management.

We will manage the property showings to best fit your family’s needs and desires. Our goal will be to make this a hassle free process, to be secure and safe at all times and provide the greatest amount of exposure possible.

16. Transaction Management.

We will manage the details of your transaction to ensure that your contract closed on time – so that you can move on time. Over 90% of our contracts close on or before the closing date as compared to an industry average of less than 50%.

17. Communications.

Our client communication system is unequaled in the business. We offer not only weekly updates but constant awareness of what is going on.

18. Transaction (Personal) Web Page.

We will create for you your own web page file where all documentation, calendar events, follow-up activities and communications will be center. You will control this resource by your personal access code.

19. Additional Services?



20. Additional Services?



This marketing plan shall become a part of the listing agreement.

The page "My Market – inventory" is a chart that shows active listings, sold listings, new listings and months of inventory on hand. Immediately following the graph is a monthly break down of all pertinent market information that goes back about 2 years.

This information tells us if we are in a “Sellers Market” or “Buyers Market” or somewhere in between. With this information in hand we together fashion our game plan; the plan that will enable you to sell your home for the best posssible price.

Download 20-Point Plan


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