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Vital information for the home seller...

Alaska Real Estate - Information Vital to the Home Seller

The following statistical information was taken from the Alaska Real Estate MLS data base and reflects the border Anchorage bowl. The color map of Anchorage breaks down the Anchorage bowl into the grids system used by the Anchorage MLS service. Take the time to locate your area of interest.

As a professional I want to know how many months of supply our current market has on hand. Knowing this allows me to communicate to my selling client current market conditions and correctly present ideas as to how to best to place there property into the market. A marketing strategy is dictated through our understanding of our market’s “Absorption Rate.” (How many months to sell inventory.)

Seller's Market = 1-2 months to sell inventory
Neutral Market = 3 months to sell inventory
Buyer's Market = 4+ months to sell inventory

The following page, My Market – inventory is a chart that shows active listing, sold listing, new listings and months of inventory on hand. Immediately following the graph is a monthly break down of all pertinent market information that goes back about 2 years.

This information tells us that we are in a “Sellers Market” or “Buyers Market” or somewhere in between. With this information in hand we together fashion our game plan, the plan that will assist you in selling your property fast, hassle free, and for the best price!

The Buyer/Seller Process

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OK, why should I consider "Team Mr. Real Estate" to sell my home?

Where do buyers come from?

The successful selling technique requires that you know everything you can about your buyers. This chart is most helpful.

Market Inventory

Active, sold, and new listings

Click here to see a Real Estate map of the Anchorage area.

20-Point Marketing Plan

30-Day Marketing Activity

Can I save money selling myself?

Why "Team Mr. Real Estate"?

Formulating and excercising a successful selling game plan.

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